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We offer surfaces in buildings that are

our property:

Production and storage rooms:

In a heated four-storey building on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor.
Storey height is 470 cm, and the strength of the ceiling is 1000 kg/m2. Supplied with two elevators with max capacity 3200 kg each.
Elevators dimensions: h. 203 cm, width. 185 cm, l. 320 cm

General view:

View from one of the rooms:

Offices in the administration building.
Constructing an eight-storey building. Two elevators. Large free car park.

General view:

1 floor
85,0; 82,00 m2

3rd floor
Room: 26,00;

4th floor
Room: 25,0; 25,4;73,0 m2

5th floor circa 406 m2